Aukro: prolonging auctions

Due to recent Aukro technical difficulties some Aukro auctions have been prolonged by one, two or sometimes several days.

Prolonged auctions can further be divided into two categories:
  • auctions that have ended and later (after several hours) reopened
    In this case, many users failed to place their bids on time. Nevertheless, the Sniper managed to fire its shot thus winning the auction. Aukro had later (after several hours) reopened these auctions and extended them by an additional day or two. We highly recommend to contact the Seller in such situations and ask him to withdraw your offer so that we can schedule a shot once more. We would also like to inform you that there is nothing we can do in such situations as it is impossible to for-see which auctions will be prolonged. We have absolutely no authority to influence any Aukro actions or decisions

  • auctions that are prolonged before their original finishing time
    Our software suprvises all auctions that are scheduled to be shot, and if it finds that the auction has been prolonged, it will automatically adjust any shots. Sometimes however, auctions are prolonged just before they were supposed to end and in such cases our software is unable to update their information on time. It is technicaly possible for online auction service authorities to prolong an auction after a shot was fired but before the auction was due to end. We would like to sincerely appologise for such situations. We are doing everything we can to make sure that these kinds of situations don’t happen.

    All shots that you schedule should automatically be updated according tot he new auction closing time. If any further changes should take place, our system will take them into account and update your shots.

    Did you experience any other difficulties?Report them here.
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