Auction sniper – how does it work?
    Why is the Sniper so beneficial?
        Save up to 10-20% on any item
        You will not forget about important auctions
        Save time
        Place your bids at any time
        Sniper will make your life so much easier if you buy a lot on eBay.
        There is no need to download or install any software
    Which auction services does the support?
    Is the sniper safe and effective?
Advanced Sniping functions – for demanding users
    Fast adding shots - browser addon
        Sniper plugin for Chrome
        Sniper plugin for Firefox
        Sniper plugin for Opera
        Sniper plugin for Microsoft Edge
    Shot filter
    Speed, stability, reliability
    How does Finder work - notifications about new auctions
    Import your watch list from the auction account
    Bulk shots
    E-mail and Facebook notifications
Advice on how to use the
    Will I end up paying my maximum bid?
    What is the perfect time to bid in an auction?
    What happens if two or more people shoot the same auction?
    Shot results - explenation
    Why didn’t I win?
    Your eBay account password is too easy
Does this cost anything?
    Why should I pay for sniper? What do I gain?
    Test the Sniper
    Promotion: " The longer you stay, the less your pay"
    How to buy shots? Means of payment
    Available bundles
Rules of bidding via Aukro
    Principles of multiple item auctions (Aukro)
    Principles of reserve price auctions (Aukro)
Other related information
    Terms of use

Shot results - explenation

The Sniper always tries to provide you with the results of each shot, so that you can know whether you won or lost.
Too check whether you won or lost simply go to: “My Sniper” and access “Shots Fired”

The following messages can be displayed in order to inform you of shot progress:
  • Preparing to shoot
    This message will be displayed approx. a minute before a scheduled shot in order to inform you that the Sniper is getting ready to place a bid. Several seconds after the auction ends the massage will change and display one of the following announcements:
  • Success
    Congratulations! You won.
  • Your bid was too low
    Unfortunately your maximum bid was too low and you didn’t win the auction. If your maximum offer is lower than the current bid on an auction, then your offer will not be placed at all (as it is insufficient to outbid at least one of your opponents). Thus, your bid will not be displayed on any list. That is how online auction services work.
  • The auction ended ahead of schedule
    This message will be displayed if the seller has ended his auction ahead of schedule, or if he has withdrawn any of his listings. Although such actions are strictly prohibited by the most user agreements, very often sellers decide to withdraw their items from auctions if the price is insufficient. They also sometimes decide to sell the item outside of the auction service. In order to check whether a Seller has actually ended his auction ahead of schedule, go to the auction address and see when the auction had ended. Then compare that time with your shot schedule.
  • Your auction account is not fully activated
    Aukro does not allow users that don't have an activated account, to place bids during the final hour of an auction. Thus, the sniper will not be able to shoot that item for you.
  • Connection problem
    This message will be displayed extremely rarely (we hope that most of you will never have a chance to see it) and only when we are experiencing technical difficulties while trying to shoot (due to either our technical problems, or on the part of the auction host).
  • Awaiting shot results
    This message will be displayed during the few seconds after the shot has been fired but before the auction service has posted listing results.
  • Not enough items
    This message will be displayed when you are trying to bid on more items that are available in that auction.
  • Invalid password
    Sometimes this message will be displayed if the auction service has rejected the Snipers attempt to sign in to your account. There are two possible reasons for such an event:
    • you have entered an incorrect password
    • an auction service is experiencing certain technical difficulties (this happens quite frequently with that prohibit the sniper from signing in to your account and placing a bid in your name

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