Auction sniper for eBay, Aukro, Allegro

Wins auctions by bidding just before the end of an auction.      Win auctions -     How does this work?

How does the Sniper win auctions?

Sniper Locate the auction you want to win:     eBay Allegro Allegro
      .com,, .de and others Aukro, Allegro, Molotok

eBay auction-sniper Paste the auction item ID or link: Example – Want to know how to copy an auction link?
Example – Want to know how an auction link looks like? Sample auction link

Snipe24/7 The Sniper will place a bid for you just seconds before the auction ends.

Sniper features:

Sniper hunts for the best offer Save 10 to 20% on each item up for auction
Don’t raise item prices by placing bids to early. Bid at the last moment and leave your rivals without a chance to outbid you
Save your time and energy thanks to our automatic biding service Save some time
All you need is 1 second to schedule another aim
On-line bidding service No download or install required
Just add shot on our website and you are free to switch off your computer. Our automatic biding service will place a bid for you.

Advanced features

The Perfect Sniper is an effective and reliable service designed for eBay, Aukro, Allegro It’s fast, reliable and effective
High speed internet connection (0,01s to, efficient servers, unique bidding software.
browser widget: IE, FireFox, Opera Quick-add new shots
With just one click on the browser widget in your FireFox, IE, Opera, Mozilla and other web browsers.
Schedule your shots according to various criteria: auction service, auction account etc. Shot filter
Will make browsing among your scheduled shots and auctions so much easier.


We offered our services to: more than 800 000 users
Sniper already won: more than 4 000 000 auctions
Last month: more than 40 000 auctions
Shot timers set yesterday:
Timers set to 3 seconds before the end of the auction tło
3 sec.
Timers set to 4 seconds before the end of the auction tło
4 sec.
Timers set to 5 seconds before the end of the auction tło
5 sec.
Timers set to 6 seconds before the end of the auction tło
6 sec.
Timers set to 7 seconds before the end of the auction tło
7 sec.
Timers set to 8 seconds before the end of the auction tło
8 sec.
Timers set to 9 seconds before the end of the auction tło

More options

Affiliate Program
Make money by promoting the PerfectSniper.
Do you sell items via eBay?
Paste a link to our website on your auction and start making money.
No snip
Enables sellers to block other users from using the Sniper on their auctions.
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Changes to the PerfectSniper app.
> 2021-03-29
We managed to fix the issues that made it difficult to use the Sniper in early March. They resulted from the fact that Allegro disabled access to the data our tool used.
Import watch list auctions
> 2020-02-20
Sniper can import your watched auctions on ebay, aukro and allegro.
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