2021-03-29 - Changes to the PerfectSniper app.
2020-02-20 - Import watch list auctions
2018-04-24 - eBay - logging in using a token
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2017-01-15 - Mobile app for Android
2016-06-08 - Sniper for mobile devices
2016-03-11 - SMS ang Google Hangouts notifications
2015-10-02 - Shipping costs, the number of offers and other improvements of sniper
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2007-02-26 - Aukro Error
2007-02-19 - All new design
2007-01-04 - System maintenance
2006-12-24 -
2006-12-11 - Aukro system error
2006-11-13 - Up to 100 000 ... shots
2006-09-13 - Aukro maintenance break
2006-08-17 - Aukro error
2006-07-21 - to win frist prize
2006-07-07 - 10 000 auctions won
2006-06-30 - No Snip
2006-06-22 - Aukro maintanance
2006-05-24 - Troublesome Aukro
2006-05-18 - New servers
2006-05-05 - Sniper Browser Extension
2006-04-10 - Multiple auction accounts
2006-03-26 - The results of the competition
2006-03-20 - New contest available!
2006-03-07 - Aukro maintenance
2006-02-20 - Affiliate Program
2006-02-10 - – soon to be included
2006-02-05 - Promotion !
2006-02-04 - Grand opening
2005-12-15 - beta

All new design

As of today, the received a design update. We are also working on updating several core website features.

  1. You schedules shots panel will always display current item bids

    During the last hour, when item bids are most likely to change, your shots panel will be updated every time you refresh your browser. Thus, you are able to monitor auction performance without leaving your account panel.

  2. email messages

    Very soon, the will be able to send you announcements and messages via email. If there are any issues regarding your upcoming bid (incorrect password, offer being to low etc.)– we will immediately send you an email message. We hope that this new system of announcements will help our users to win even more online auctions. If you don’t want to receive messages from our service, you can easily turn off this option in your account settings.

  3. Customize your Sniper

    Many user features such as work parameters and general design can be customized: number of shots per page, hiding certain columns etc. You can access these options by signing in to your account and clicking on Settings

We hope that the customization feature will make using the Sniper even easier.
Please let us know what is your opinion regarding these new features or in case you find any bugs.
Report an error/Send an idea

We wish you happy hunting,

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