'No Snip' – Make sure your auctions are sniper-proof

Want to know more about making your auctions sniper-proof?

no snip - program snajper zablokowany If you don’t want people bidding in your auctions via the Sniper, make sure you use our 'No Snip' feature".

All you need to do is to copy the following HTML code and paste it in the description box of your auction

and it will be 100% sniper-proof.

Why isn’t it profitable to block Sniping?

We always advise all sellers that they don’t use the Sniper block on their auctions. We do so for the following reasons:
  • even though your auction will be sniper-proof people will continue to bid (manually) during the last minutes of the auction.
Moreover the Sniper:
  • makes placing bids so much easier
  • helps to ensure that people don’t miss out on bidding in your auction
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