ALEASYSTENT, a sole proprietor with primary place of business atALEASYSTENT Sp. z o.o., ul. Postępu 14A, 02-676 Warszawa, KRS 0000851194, REGON 386580113, NIP 5272931749 is a controller of Your personal data collectedvia []website(“Website”).

Inall matters related to processing of Your personal data, pleasecontact us by email at []or in writing at [ul.ul. Postępu 14A, 02-676 Warszawa, Poland].

Processingof personal data

Wemay process Your personal data collected via Website, in particularavailable forms, for purpose of:

ProvidingYour personal data is voluntary, but necessary to perform thecontract you are a party to, fulfill Your request to contact Yourselfor receive information materials. You have the right to withdraw Yourconsent at any time, but its withdrawal does not affect the right toprocess Your personal data while such consent is granted.

Inaddition, you have the right to object to the processing of yourdata, which we process as our legitimate interest. In this case, wewill stop processing your personal data, unless we can demonstratethat there are valid legally valid grounds for us in relation to thisdata, which override your interests, rights and freedoms, or the datawill be necessary for a possible determination, investigation ordefense of claims.


Youhave the right to access, rectify (correct), erase or restrictprocessing of Your data and to object to processing thereof includingprocessing for marketing purpose. With respect to such data that areprocessed upon yourconsent or for purpose of performance of a contract You may requesttransfer thereof.

ShouldYou decide to exercise any of your rights set out above, pleasecontact us by email at []or in writing at [ul.Olimpijska 27, 05-220 Zielonka, Poland].

IfYou have any objections with respect to processing of Your data, Youmay lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


Wewill not share Your personal data collected via the Website, save forour verified subcontractors, who we may entrust with processing ofYour personal data for purpose of processing payments, shipping,maintaining support for the Website and providing services via theWebsite, as well as legal, accounting, IT and other advisors orcontractors. Your data may also be transferred to purchaser of theWebsite.


Wehave applied such solutions with respect to the Website, that providehigh security level of Your personal data, including SSL certificateand IT software behind the Website which fulfills high securitystandards for processing of your data.


Whilebrowsing the Website, upon Your consent and subject to configurationof the browser used on Your terminal device, one or several cookiesmay be stored by us or our sub-contractor. Please read the followinginformation about cookies and use thereof.

Cookiesare small files that are saved on Your computer's hard drive when Youvisit certain websites. They contain information about the device andusually do not contain any personal data. These files cannot be usedto infect Your device with viruses or other malware. In cookies westore basic, anonymous information about users (e.g., theiridentifiers)
​​andother data to improve user experience, required for optimization andcorrect display of content of the Website as well as advertisingcampaigns.Personaldata collected using "cookies" may be collected only inorder to perform specific functions for the user. Such data isencrypted in a way that prevents access by unauthorized persons.

Asa Website user, You may stop providing this information to theWebsite at any time by deleting the cookies stored on Your terminaldevices. To do so, please change the settings of Your browser.

Youmay also configure the browser in such way that it will blockrecording of cookies by specific websites of Your choice or by allwebsites. Such settings will, however, result in the loss of someWebsite functionalities that require installation of cookies. Underthe Polish Act - Telecommunication Law, consent for the use ofcookies shall be deemed granted if configuration of the browserallows installation of cookies on the computer.


Wemay occasionally amend this Privacy Policy, in particular to reflectchanges of law, technology or the way the Website operates.Then-current version of the Privacy Policy shall always be availableon the Website. Additionally, if you register on the Website, we willinform you about the change in the Privacy Policy by sendinginformation by e-mail.

Ifany provision of the Privacy Policy is considered invalid by a validcourt decision, the remaining provisions of the Policy shall remainin force.

ThePrivacy Policy is subject to and will be interpreted in accordancewith the provisions of Polish law unless consumer protection rightsin any jurisdiction provide otherwise

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