Will I end up paying my maximum bid?

The sniper operates according to the same rules that apply to major auction hosts. Thus, regular auction rules (such as those in Aukro, eBay, etc.)still apply to our software.

Our bid, that is the 'maximum' amount of money that we are able to pay for a specific item, is placed by the Sniper at a specific time. The Sniper does not operate by increasing your current maximum bid whenever someone is outbiding you.

At that moment, the auction engine determines what is the minimum amount needed to outbid your rivals.

Thus, if you are the winner of an auction, you will

end up paying the minimum satisfactory price


To sum up, thanks to the Sniper you will place the smallest satisfactory bid (without overpaying) at the very last moment.

Currently a user named kowal159 is leading in an online auction. His current bid is 50 USD (let us assume that it is also his maximum bid). We then schedule our maximum bid as 100USD. The sniper will then place a bid of 100USD at the scheduled time and outbid your opponent by the minimum satisfactory price – in this case, kowal159 will have to pay 51USD for his item.

Usually (but not always) reserve price auctions and multiple item auctions are considered to be exceptions from this rule. Please feel free to read more about reserve price auctions and multiple item auctions.

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