Why didn’t I win?

According to auction rules it is technically possible to lose in an auction after placing a the highest bid. How is that possible?

Imagine a situation where you schedule a shot with a maximum bid of 200,31 USD (200 dollars and 31 cents).
While the sniper is placing a shot, the current maximum bid is 200 USD (thus the current maximum offer is lower than our bid).
Thus, even though our bid was higher than the current maximum offer, Aukro or eBay will reject the offer (200,31 USD) because it is smaller than the so called smallest outbidding offer. So in order to win the auction you need to place a bid of at least 202.5 USD (not less).
But since our bid hadn't been big enough to outbid the person who offered to pay 200 USD wins the auction.
In such situations, Sniper users frequently say that the service “didn’t fire”. In fact, the Sniper acted according to procedure but since a users maximum bid was not big enough to outbid the winning offer, the auction service rejected it for being too low.

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