Is the sniper safe and effective?


Our business idea was to create a service that would make bidding stress-free.
All you need to do is to:From that moment on, the Sniper will take care of the auction by placing your maximum bid at the perfect time.

The Sniper:Safety

In order for the Sniper to bid for you, you will first need to register or sign in to the auction host where the item is listed. (e.g.

Here at we know that it is not easy to gain someones recognition.We do not intend to force anyone into using the Sniper. Each of our users has to decide for himself whether our service is professional and trustworthy.

In order to maintain and update such a huge service we constantly try to develop its features and, in the future achieve a profit on our investment. This however requires a lot of hard work, yet still we try to gain the trust of more clients so that in the future our business will start making real and fair profit.
By trying to “fool” our clients (an important reasons why some users are afraid to join our community) we would not only get ourselves into real trouble, but would also have trouble finding the funds to pay of our investment.


When you decide that our service no longer meets your expectations you may change your aukro.czEbay password and the will no longer be able to bid for you.

Our user data is heavily encrypted and stored on a specific server, that has no internet connection.
Your data will only be used while bidding in your name and will NEVER be shared with anyone.

We sincerely hope that our service will reach your expectation, and will make everyday online bidding much easier.

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