What happens if two or more people shoot the same auction?

If several shots are scheduled to hit the same auction, then the following results may occur, depending on the circumstances:
  1. Users place different maximum bids
    The person with the highest maximum bid will win the auction. In such situations it doesn’t really matter who shoots when.

  2. The maximum bids are the same ( or very similar)
    In such a case, the person who shoots the auction earlier shall win. E.g.: The person who shoots the auction 7 seconds before it ends will beat those tho will place their bids 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 seconds later. The reason for such an event is because Aukro (and other auction hosts) always require a “specific” amount of money to outbid the previous auction leader. (Aukro uses the term "increment" to describe this phenomenon). In other words, if the current highest bid is 100USD, then the minimum amount required to overbid is 102,5 USD (Placing a bid of 100,01 or 100,1 USD will not bring any results).This is why a person who makes and offer, that is equal to a bid that has already been placed, will lose – Aukro will simply reject such an offer.
  3. Both the maximum offer and the bidding time is the same
    The results of this auction will be quite random as it is impossible to determine earlier who will win. Nevertheless, the person whose bid was accepted by the auction service, will most probably win.

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