Sniper will make your life so much easier if you buy a lot on eBay.

The Sniper is place where you can gather and arrange all the auctions that you are interested in.

It doesn’t matter which company hosts the auction you are interested in (Aukro eBay) because now you can gather them all in one place and supervise their progress.

Thanks to our service, you can make any adjustments in terms of maximum price, bidding time etc. directly from your Snipers account.

Our unique Sniper update system will always display the current price of items you are interested in. Any updates regarding the item during the last hour of the auction, are updated every time you refresh your shot manager.Frequent Aukro and eBay auction buyers, item collectors and businessmen will find these features extremely helpful as they make the bidding process much easier as well, as effective.
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There is no need to download or install any software