Why should I pay for sniper? What do I gain?

Sniper costs

Maintenance and development of the service is expensive.

What cost?
Sniper owes its effectiveness to the staff of professionals:

You pay and demand

Failures, failed shots, lack of support from administrators ...
So would it be like if Snajper.net remained free.

Therefore, we decided that they needed a symbolic fee.

To anyone not surprising, since the very beginning officially informed about our price list.

Since many of you are bidding on the auction treats as a hobby, we have introduced rules:

And if you win a lot , fees paid to Snajper.net you probably will turn with a vengeance:
We hope that the amounts that are established will not be a heavy burden for you.
The more that we issue a VAT invoice.

In addition - the longer you use the Snajper.net, the less you pay.
Those of you who are with us from the beginning already have a discount up to 15%!


When the service is free, is part of the users (and rightly) can approach him with distrust.

What this service earns? Maybe they just steal my auction account?

Thanks to the official the price list it is clear where the revenues are derived to cover the costs.

We hope that through the past year we all learned about our professional approach and integrity. Now that trust should be further enhanced.

Maybe you could add banners?

Do you comfortably use the page on which you have to constantly look for the key "X" to close wholescreen advertising?

How much time would it take to settle many shots?

And if advertising jump out just a minute before the end of the auction when you need to quickly take an important decision?

Losses for you, dear Members, would be enormous.

We wish you many wins the auction

We hope that the introduction of fees will not be a heavy burden for you.
Fees will allow us to cover the expenses and accelerate the formation of new, interesting auction tools that will enrich Sniper.

We hope, therefore, to understand and wish them many shots.

PerfectSniper.com Team

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