Auction sniper – how does it work?

  1. Find an Aukro or eBay auction that you are interested in

    The Sniper also supports: Aukro, Molotok as well as all nation specific versions of eBay:,,, etc.
    Warning – the sniper is not compatible with ”Buy it now” listings

  2. Go to www.

    Paste the link (or item ID no.) to the auction you are interested in:

    Where and how to to schedule a shot

    The easiest way to schedule a shot is to copy and paste the link to the auction.

  3. Enter your maximum bid

    Editing shot parameters

  4. will place a bid for you at your scheduled time

    You don’t need to install any software or keep your computer running.

    If your bid will be the highest the you will win the auction!
    Other users won’t have the time to outbid you.

    Thanks to the
    • Save 10-20% on each Item
    • You won’t forget to bid on important items
    • You can save a lot of time especially while biding in several auctions
    • You can bid at any time, day or night, even when your internet connection is down or while you are ....asleep

    read more about the benefits of using the Sniper

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